now everyone can have good design

「Now Everyone Can Fly」
this is a Promo word of herald's company of a cheap airline:Air Asia
people want to fly, but air ticket was too expensive. "Air Asia" give the chance to fly for many people in East Soutn of Asia, not only for rich people.

「Now Everyone Can Order Good Design」
people want to get nice design, but order original design is too expensive. "Ogawa Works..." give the chance to make own good design for people, shops, restaurant, company, not only for big one.

Massageogawa works...

Thank you for coming to my website.
Now is a connecting with me and you.

I would like to connect people.
My design is not my own art. not artistic.
simple & useful is better.

I help for my custermers.
many people see the website and printing design what I made.
and people feel "I'm luckey to see this." it is also luckey for my custermers.

I stay in Thailand now.

I'm Japanse and stay in Thailand and I work for design.
It must be Special thing for you.
I'm still looking for MY SPECIAL what I can do.

I hope, I will help you some with MY SPECIAL


Ogawa Works...  Tomoe Ogawa
Email: kohtao.t@gmail.com